Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nokia features & four V's

Quality: Nokia phones are solid. The quality of sound and the button make you feel ill at ease with the phone. Its materials and components are one of the most important factors that push the customers to buy it, the design too.

Speed: A Nokia phone response and transfer quickly items for a phone to another. Also the short cut, easy, evident and simple to use.

Dependability: Nokia phone will never let you down because of the high autonomy of the battery. In some phones, especially professional ones, they offer an extra battery to be always available.

Flexibility: They produce cell phone suitable to every kind of person. They have a wide range of style, from the basic use to the professional one. Depending on the status, the software’s are not the same. The features of phones for young people are not the same as the professional one as they differ in the complexity of their systems.

Cost: They produce a wide variety of products ranging from cheap to very expensive. Most of the people can buy a Nokia starting from 300 Dh, for e.g. Nokia 3310, to the expensive one like the Nokia Sapphire that cost around 14,000 Dh.

Nokia’s 4 V’s:

Volume: Nokia has a medium to high volume because its produces a large quantity of cell phones but not everyday. People buy a cell phone once generally for a year or two.

Variety: Nokia produces only cell phone and other software. The variety of the company is very low. 

Variation: The variation in demand is very high. Nokia attempts to meet the requirements of their customers both professional and ordinary ones.

Volume: Nokia is located over 40 countries all over the world including shops. We can see the brand name everywhere and it’s much known.
The company has a mass and cell production process. It’s a mass because it produces a large quantity of cell phones and it’s a cell production because each cell phone is produced in a plant in China, Finland and Brazil. The manufacturing of each phone is done separately.

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