Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mktg plan of Nokia - Phase 1 (1)


Nokia is a leading mobile device manufacturer globally and has a high market share. Maximum population in India prefers using Nokia handsets as it is user friendly. It can use its customer’s goodwill and loyalty to diversify in the mobile network market in India.

The communications sector in India has transformed into a multi-player and multi-product market that has diverse market size and segments. In order to diversify in to new market, Nokia needs to develop a marketing plan which will give them the idea what factors to be considered before entering the mobile network sector. The marketing plan includes all the factors that need to be undertaken. They are market analysis, competitor analysis, environmental analysis, customer analysis, internal and external factors.

The mobile network market is growing rapidly and has good opportunities for new entrants to enter market and gain market share. Though there is much opportunity in this market, there are some threats such as threat from existing competitor, high customer churn rates, etc. 


Nokia was incorporated by Fredrik Idestam’s on the banks of Nokianvirta river in 1865. From its incorporation to till date Nokia had gone through four phases (see figure 1). Nokia started as a paper mill company and by 1967 merged with cable company and rubber enterprise to place Nokia in to electronics. Between 1968-1991, it was positioned to take initiative in the advancement towards mobile communications. During the period 1992-1999, Nokia concentrated primarily on its telecommunications unit and became market leader before the start of millennium. In the last decade, Nokia continues to be the market leader with 3G, mobile gaming, multimedia devices and with future challenges to be achieved.

Fig. 1: Timeline of Nokia
YEAR                              PHASE
1865-1967        Phase I - Nokia’s First Century

1968-1991        Phase II - The move to mobile

1992-1999        Phase III - Mobile Revolution

2000-Till           Phase IV - Market Leader and
date                   new technology
                                                        - Source: http://www.nokia.com/about-nokia/company/story-of-nokia

Nokia’s Vision:

Their ‘Connecting People’ tagline states their vision to create a world where everybody is connected every moment, everywhere and at any time.