Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mktg plan of Nokia - Phase 1 (3)


It deals with scanning the business environment through collecting, analyzing and implementing the available information for developing a market plan. The tool used to scan the business environment is through PEST analysis.

Pest Analysis

Political Factors: It includes government rules and regulations under which an organization must operate. It differs from one organization to another as per the market in which it functions. In India, there is partial regulation of government policies for service providers in the telecommunications industry. As market is deregulated, it gives an opportunity for Nokia to enter the service provider market with better service plans to its customers.

Economic Factors: It affects the buying power of customers and also has an impact on the company’s cost of capital. In current market situation of global recession, people are opting for service plans with cheaper rates (Call, text messaging) and also internet connectivity of the service provider, Nokia can introduce its sim-card with better coverage, cheaper rates, internet connectivity and additional services for people using Nokia handsets. This will give an edge to Nokia to penetrate in the service provider market.

Social Factors: It deals with customers profile such as demographic, culture, occupation, etc. As the number of people using mobile phones in India is growing every year, Nokia can penetrate the service provider
market by selecting its target market and offering service plans according to the usage. Nokia can segment the market as per region, population, and so on.

Technological Factors: Research and Development (R&D) plays a key role in success of any organization. The more technological advance the firm is, the better they have advantage to capture the market. As Nokia is well-known for its wireless technology and is among the leading player. They can use their advance technology in the service provider market and provide strong network range. Also high internet connectivity will give an edge over the existing network service providers.

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