Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mktg plan of Nokia - Phase 2 (8)

SIPOC Process

There are five steps in the SIPOC process. They are Supplier, Inputs, Process, Output, and Customer.
While considering the manufacturing of Nokia SIM cards in the market, Nokia needs to undergo through the SIPOC process. It will help them to understand who would be the suppliers i.e. whether they will manufacture it or outsource. It will help them to understand what the necessary resources are in order to introduce Nokia SIM cards. The output will give them the idea what are the different SIM cards they going to introduce in the market. Customers will give them the idea who their target markets are and according provides service plans. And finally the process deals with customer service and the necessary strategies to be undertaken in order to gain market share.


In order to diversify its business in to mobile network market, Nokia needs to make use of its leading mobile phones manufacturer image. As Nokia has build loyalty among its mobile phone users, it can use this for attracting customers towards its SIM cards and thereby gain market share. Also with its world class R & D department, it can offer many services to its customers which will help them to differentiate in their service offering from its competitors. For instance, video calling, free roaming, outgoing call restriction, etc. By focusing more on rural market which is untap to a certain extent, Nokia can satisfy its customers in rural areas which most of the existing players are not successful. Also by offering customize service plans to its customers such as offering SmS package, unlimited internet package, Free Hello tune, and so on with minimum price. Nokia can also make tie-ups with existing players such as Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel in order to gain larger market share. It can also offer better deals to customers who are buying Nokia handsets on its SIM cards which will increase its sales as well as customer base. This will help them to develop loyalty among its customers. In order to diversify in to SIM cards segment, Nokia needs to use mass marketing by implementing various promotion strategies such as Advertisements, Hoardings, Sponsoring events, canopies outside colleges and so on. Nokia also needs to plan its distribution strategy in order to reach to maximum people. They can also use their ‘Connecting People’ tagline in its SIM card, thereby giving additional meaning to it.

Thus, to diversify in to SIM card market is a better option for Nokia to increase its market share and revenue. Also this will help them to build larger customer base which will ultimately result in one of the leading brands in the telecommunications industry.


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